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Brita Bonechi

Candace Brooks

Joyce Bruel

Javier Caballero

William Chapman

Angela Chesser

Luisa Cohen

Lisa DeSiro

Colleen Holden

Joe Farmer

Melissa Frank

Kristine Hammond

Keith Hampton

Elizabeth Hoguet

Colleen Holden

Rice Husbands

Margaret Lias

Ron Lorentzen

Emily Marvosh

James Olson

Dorie Paparo

Josh Pelkey

Montanta Rader

Ann Ramsey

Emily Reynolds

Benjamin Roe

Henry Schoenfield

Mary Margaret- Seagraves

Dongsok Shin

Paula Shine

Jonathan Soroff

Timothy Steiner

Kate Stringer

Matthew Stein 

Mari Teising

George Whiting and Andrew Egan


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Concert Founders

Musician Founders

Carter and Peggy Bacon

Rebecca Brite

Susie Herrmann

Meghan O'Block

Robert Mealy

Omar Thomas

Dr. Lisa Wong

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Concert Founders

Concert Founders


Joanie Speers

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Lionsgate Music's concert series are made possible by the generous contributions of friends like you. Your donations enables us to present the transformative power of classical music in hospitals all year long. Call us at +44 {0}7340 098 457 or send us an email at for donations made in honor or memory of a loved one, and employer match-funding. Thank you for your invaluable support.